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NEWS: Rabies on the rise in Fauquier County

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

"The Fauquier County Health Department is reminding residents of the valuable role they play in preventing the spread of rabies in the region. Confirmed rabies cases in the county are on the rise this year with 12 so far in 2020, an increase from the six total cases confirmed in 2019," according to the Virginia Department of health. "Rabies positive species this year have included raccoons, foxes, and cats. Keep in mind, diagnostic laboratory testing is only performed if a person or domestic animal has been potentially exposed to rabies."

So far, 40 counties Virginia have reported cases this year. For more, go to the VDH website.

Cat hunting
Animals that have tested positive for rabies in Fauquier County include raccoons, foxes, and cats


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